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The HUB is the most productive way to stay connected to the content we release. Each month you can simply open your HUB account and access anything released in one simple location. The beautiful yet simple-to-use navigation allows easy access to find exactly what you need at any given time. Join our HUB family today and learn about the future of ONE HEALTH and the wealth of information provided by all our mentors and industry leaders.


Patricia Gomes – As a practicing Vet in the UK and Spain I really like to be able to access digital CPD that is relevant to my interests, which for the last 12 months Fortis Vets have been providing while they launched this site and now I am so pleased that I can have it all in one place rather than between my employment and personal channels. My employer pays for any of the CPD I buy on here and as I have the subscription it works out cheaper for them and better for me as I now have access to more and one free every month also. I noticed the free CPD is mainly HOLISTIC focused but as I understand that is where there is a growth in the industry and is now a popular trend to get on board with I do appreciate the information in this field as it is integrative. Very pleased. Would highly recommend

Chris Andersen – I am a Vet that has been working in Clinical practice in the UK and also in Australia for 10 years now and I am very happy with the content and integration of the holistic and natural movement coming online along side the conventional CPD and standard practice. I don’t use it much in my line of practice but I love the course content that I do use and also the added extras on the subscription are great! Love a bit of YouTube community. Its all about coming together especially after the year we’ve all had. The mindful aspects have been great. I have shared with colleagues.

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